The kitchen is Alchemy of love

Guy de Maupassant

Casa Grau is located at the ancient offices of a close to hundred years old fabrics store. Leading it we find Quique Garcia, self taught chef that gave form to his dream opening his own restaurant at the historical centre of his town, Xabia. First he drew and matured his idea based on the 19th century former Parisian bistros experience and then he settled with an accurate ambient renovation and décor.

The gastronomic proposal from Casa Grau is clearly based on the traditional cuisine adding a touch of creativity. At each of his dishes, the chef tries to transmit his cuisine passion with just one aim: enjoy and get that his customers also enjoy it. And that pamper used when creating each dish is the one that he transmits also with the establishment décor, daring, avant-garde but at same time really warm. A place with passion for a passionate kitchen.